Jason and team are amazing. I have been living in one of their properties for nearly six years and literally do not have a single complaint. The property is beautifully maintained, they are attentive and respectful and I really couldn’t ask for a better landlord. Highly recommend.
— Melissa
I lived in one of their units this past year and it was fabulous. They did an absolutely beautiful job of the renovation of the building, really high quality kitchen items etc, and I felt like I was moving into a completely new place. The management is very accessible, friendly and responsive to questions/needs/concerns. They are very responsible about caring for the building - landscaping, snow removal etc. The only reason I had to move out is because I needed a bigger place, but I would have been very happy to stay with them. Would highly recommend living in one of their buildings.
— Sarah
Jason and his staff are the best! We came to Boston (from AZ) for a one year position. We own in AZ and dreaded having to be renters again (first time in 10+ years) but everything went so well with the housing - definitely the best landlords we ever had!! We would (and do!) recommend Capstone Communities to everyone looking for housing in the area.
— Stephen
I have been renting a property with Capstone for almost 3 years now, and it has definitely been my best experience so far as a tenant in Boston. The property has always been in wonderful condition, and Capstone clearly takes pride in their work. Management has always been extremely responsive towards any questions or little issues that may come up. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
— Katie
Capstone is very attentive to tenant needs. They treated me fairly and respectfully with any issues that came up, from dealing with squirrels in the roof to working with me on a lease extension. Definitely appreciated the excellent job the snow removal service that they hired did this past winter!
— Matthew
My family rented with Capstone for 3 years in Cambridge and had a fantastic experience. Over this period they were very responsive and exceeded our expectations. We did have one instance when some fairly significant repairs were needed, but they were very accommodating with scheduling the repairs around our schedule so the impact was minimal. Definitely recommended.
— Todd
I moved into a 3-bedroom 1 bathroom apartment unit in mid-Cambridge, managed by Capstone Communities, as a summer subletter. This beautiful apartment is in excellent condition (hardwood floor, kitchen with granite counter top + spacious sink + gas stove ...etc.), despite being located in a neighborhood with many old buildings, all for very reasonable price. I have checked out so many other properties in mid-Cambridge area to know that what they are offering is really good for the price. The staff (Jason Korb and Kerry Coyne) helped the new set of tenants (including myself) transition over smoothly, being prompt to inquiries. I would highly recommend checking out their properties.
— Hanbin
I have been doing business with Jason Korb at Capstone Communities LLC for few years in the Cambridge area - I have helped to find tenants for many of his apartments. Not only has the rental process been smooth & straightforward, but all their tenants have been thrilled with the condition of the apartments and the responsiveness of the management. I look forward to continue doing business with Capstone Communities LLC as they grow!
— Colleen
Jason and his staff are reliable and have made living in Cambridge a fun experience. Jason’s properties are always maintained to the highest standards and his staff are easy to contact and quick to fix anything! I highly recommend Jason as a landlord. Thank you Jason and crew for keeping me safe and comfortable in my home.
— Francesca
Jason and his team are fantastic! I’ve never had a more attentive, by the book landlord than Jason. He and his team take care of any issue right away. They are also very diligent about keeping the property nice and up to date, very clean. He also runs a background check on all his employees so you can feel comfortable knowing who is coming in and out. After living in one of Jason’s apartments for 3 years I would absolutely recommend Capstone to everyone!! Definitely high ethics and standards!!
— Ann
I lived in a Capstone Communites managed apartment for three years and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a a place to live. I’d still be living there now if my life hadn’t brought me to a new state. There were a few times over those three years where we needed maintenance, and each time our problem was fixed in under 24 hours (sometimes even with two or three hours!). So if you’re apartment hunting and see a listing with Capstone in the description, I’d suggest you inquire right away.
— Aki
Jason and his team at Capstone Communities LLC are the best management company/landlords that I’ve dealt with in my nearly 10 years of hoping around from apartment to apartment across Boston, Cambridge, and now Somerville. They are beyond professional in every sense of the world and always have their tenant’s best interest in mind. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend them to anyone.
— Laura
I enjoyed being the first tenant in a beautiful apartment, in a historic remodel. Jason and Kerry were a joy to work with — attentive and professional, and always proactive to work out the little tweaks that go with brand new construction. I will miss the place!
— Dianna
Best company I’ve ever worked with as a renter hands down. The team at Capstone is responsible, responsive, and they very obviously care about their tenants. Highly recommend working with them.
— Nina
I have been living in a Capstone Communities property for the past year, and the experience has been amazing. They are very responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I have rented many properties in the Boston/Cambridge area and this has definitely been my best experience.
— Ben
I am a broker with 10 years of experience. I’ve made over 4000 transactions and have secured leases for hundreds of Greater Boston landlords. While many of them are good, I consider Jason Korb and Capstone Communities to be hands down the best. I’ve worked with Jason Korb and his team for over a year now and I rate his portfolio of apartments and his management practices as 10 out of 10.

He offers true gems of fine housing, in a way that only the best landlords attempt but few actually accomplish as well as Jason and his team. He genuinely holds the tenant’s best interest firmly in mind and has done so from day one. The result is a situation that works out beautifully for everyone. My clients have always raved about their experience as his tenants and thanked me afterward for introducing them to him.

Something special is happening in the Greater Boston housing market. The standards have reached new heights and continue to rise, and the leadership and examples of landlords like Jason Korb and Capstone Communities are a high contributor to this positive change.
— Robert